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Create Change is an animal welfare activist group advocating for better conditions at the Fort Erie SPCA. After several months of phone calls, emails and even lawyer’s letters trying to get the shelter shut down with no results, the group decided to turn to social media. They reached out to Ms. Sorel for her expertise and she started to plan a strategy right away. 


Her mandate was to create a brand that would be recognizable and create  a hype around the matter. She did this through publications, petitions,live protests and persuaded  the town of Fort Erie to review their contract with the SPCA. Over several months, the Create Change group and Ms. Sorel gathered over 52 animal abuse complaints from former employees, volunteers, community members and adopters. Additionally, they filmed several testimonials which were then presented to the town mayor. 

All of this hype brought the attention of the media such as CBC News, Niagara This Week, The Standard and The Fort Erie Observer. The town is currently reviewing it’s by-law to offer better protection for its animals.

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