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Thomas Pinck is a rare coin jewelry store founded by Ginny Lovelace in memory of her father Tom. Starting his coin collection at the age of eight, he spent several decades buying, selling and trading coins with other collectors. Tom was known to scour antique shops and find unique details through a magnifying glass all over the US. 70 years later, his coins are now crafted into beautiful jewelry pieces which are  sold online as well as the Costello Gallery in South Carolina. 

Ms. Sorel’s mandate was to migrate all content from Thomas Pinck’s website onto a different platform (Shopify to Wix) to save on hosting costs as well as to redesign the website to give it a modern feel. Ms. Sorel reworked their logo while preserving the existing brand. She kept the original typography but changed the colour palette from pink to a more modern metal coloured palette as to highlight the coins being sold.


Fine Jewelry Display
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