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Offline Marketing


Spreading a message quickly in a visually appealing way

Brochures are the perfect way to share a business’ core ideas, products and values in a quick and easy way. If the majority of a business’ customers are in an older age group or simply do not use a lot of online platforms, a brochure can be an effective marketing tool to create a lasting impact.

Whether it is a bifold or trifold brochure, having the right design to optimize space and readability will go a long way.


Business Card

A business’ best tool for in-person networking

Business cards are extremely important for in-person networking. Being prepared for potential clients or collaborators is important, a business card is a convenient and easy way to give a business an edge over others.

A business card should have a simple design, the important information should stand out and the visual identity of the business needs to be incorporated (logo, typography, colours, and icons).



Using 3D tools to design unique products and packaging

Identifying the type of product and its packaging is crucial in design. If it is to be used on a round surface like a coffee cup, the design must take in consideration that the item is curved. The concept must always be adapted to the object that it will be displayed on no matter the shape. The texture and material affect the look of the brand on different items, it is important to know what the design will look like before placing orders- 3D design makes this process easier and more efficient.

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