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Social Media



Using and analyzing data to establish

a strategy that transforms goals into results

Social media platforms have become one of the most effective tools in what we now know as online marketing.  When planning and shaping unique campaigns using the right platforms is key for success. Ms. Sorel strongly believes in being selective in the efforts spent on each platform depending on which features are relevant. Based on the age range of their customers, businesses will benefit  from using one platform over the other. The type of content being produced will reflect the brand as well as the clientele.








Content Creation

Creating professional content to elevate businesses

Unique and innovative content is key to standing out nowadays. With millions of businesses using social media, personalized and on-brand content such as videos, photos or graphic design is imperative. As publications appear on customer timelines, it is necessary for customers to clearly identify the business and what services are being offered based on eye catching branding and design.


Data from previous publications as well as social media marketing research will help optimize the timing of the upcoming ones. Determining which time slots users are online and responsive is essential for publications to perform well.. This  leads to higher engagement rates from customers.

From the moment a post is out there, it is important to keep up with the community and manage any questions or comments they might have.

Page monitoring is also critical to make sure what is being written reflects company values (such as respect) and follows the community standards and rules of each social media platform.


For each campaign, Ms. Sorel tailors a unique calendar based on the targeted audience and monitors the publications to ensure success..


Scheduling and Management

Planning calendars to maximize impacts on audiences


Paid Advertisement

Sponsored publications will give the boost and get the views that all businesses need

Choosing between reach, impressions, engagement (and more) can be confusing which is why determining the main goal of a campaign during the strategy and planning step is crucial. Ms. Sorel has experience in using multiple paid social media ad manager platforms to run targeted ads and obtain the desired results. Depending on the budget, several tools can be used to maximize the outcome of a campaign and can be tailored to each platform.




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